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Grzegorz Kossakowski

Deep Learning ∩ Applications. A recent pivot from a 'promising career' in systems programming (core team behind the Scala programming language). Pastime: Ambient Computing.

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I love both interacting on Twitter and getting thoughtful email. Some of my best relationships started off as an internet exchange.

I succeeded in reducing the amount of email I receive, largely due to quitting my job recently. This gave me an opportunity to respond to any thoughtful or witty message I receive. For the time being, I commit to keep going that way - have an open inbox policy and to respond to every message or email.

There’s another reason I love receiving messages that happen to come across my website. This is where I’m free to scratch any of my itches and anyone who arrived here shares interests with me but it’s very likely to have a different angle on what I thought about.

I’m active on Twitter where you can find me as @gkossakowski and I read my email regularly.