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Grzegorz Kossakowski

Deep Learning ∩ Applications. A recent pivot from a 'promising career' in systems programming (core team behind the Scala programming language). Pastime: Ambient Computing.

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Announcing Hotseat: AI in legal that's actually useful

I have yet to meet a lawyer who wishes they could spend more time at night solving a legal question.


AI-boosted development and specialization's wall collapse

In the new AI-boosted world, what excites me the most is that it allows me to get upskilled in unfamiliar specializations and take on more ambitious projects.


Escaping Gatsby, and moving to Eleventy

A rite of passage exists that switching JS libraries or frameworks is a form of procrastination.


The EU AI Act: an AI-generated changelog

You're an assistant at a law firm. Please summarise the amendments from June 14, 2023, applied to the proposed EU AI Act.