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Grzegorz Kossakowski

Deep Learning ∩ Applications. A recent pivot from a 'promising career' in systems programming (core team behind the Scala programming language). Pastime: Ambient Computing.

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Tagged “software”

Prompt engineering tricks for LLMs

Most people overcomplicate prompt engineering. There are 100-page-long prompt cookbooks that can be distilled into a few techniques that have the highest leverage.


The anatomy of Hotseat's AI

Hotseat's anatomy - a few product design choices that take a raw and nascent technology of Large Language Models and turn it into a functional tool.


Towards high-caliber answers to AI-refined legal questions

I’ve been testing Hotseat - an AI-based Q&A for legal - with a small set of lawyers to see whether AI can produce high-caliber answers to legal questions.


You don't want to work with embeddings

Embeddings are the assembly of the AI world. We should spare people touching them and climb the abstraction ladder as fast as possible. As we did in software.


The OpenAI Keynote

The fate of GPT wrappers, increased experimentation, and AI developers.


Announcing Hotseat: AI in legal that's actually useful

I have yet to meet a lawyer who wishes they could spend more time at night solving a legal question.


Escaping Gatsby, and moving to Eleventy

A rite of passage exists that switching JS libraries or frameworks is a form of procrastination.


The EU AI Act: an AI-generated changelog

You're an assistant at a law firm. Please summarise the amendments from June 14, 2023, applied to the proposed EU AI Act.


Generative AI is another driving seat

We’re in another cycle of AI moral panic. [...] The social fabric, social order, and the truth are about to be leveled by a savage AI bulldozer.


Bitcoin and software's plasticity

I've mostly remained oblivious to the crypto movement to date. I didn't have a strong opinion on the tech in either bear or bull direction.